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Content Security

TV and film companies are set to lose almost US$52bn to online pirates by 2022, but legitimate digital revenue will slow the growth of that figure, according to a study out today. By 2022 TV and film companies are set to lose almost US$52bn to online pirates. If you own a valuable content on the internet, you need a digital security for sure. And this 24/7/365.

Security Service

Because you are the one that should make capital out of your content, not anyone else!

GOVINET observes your digital property steadily and protects your content from being used illegally by third parties.

Fighting against pirates is like playing the cat and mouse game:
Pirates are continuously searching for new ways to exploit your content illegally, and GOVINET is hot on their heels.

The fact that internet pirates are constantly shifting their strategy makes it impossible to realize a 100% automatized fight against pirates. Hence, we rely on a hybrid solution and focus on a mix of automation and human intelligence. Every work process that can be automatized is driven by our security system, TRINITY. The rest is handmade and protected by an army of Security Managers.


TRINITY is protecting your digital property and supports our Security Managers to achieve targets much faster.

Thanks to the partner dashboard TRINITY developed by GOVINET, many working processes are automatized, every step is logged, recorded in the database and thus transparent. Every illegal link is assigned to a unique ID number and in this way they are lifetime logged. Through the dashboard you can check anytime at which stage the illegal link currently is.

Thereby your content and our security activities are bundled in one system. GOVINET aims to serve its customers optimal transparency and make it possible for them to have a real-time inside to the security matters of their own content.

Your content is in danger or need help? Start your free content check now!

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