We present our 3rd Summit!

On 12th of August, we had an amazing experience where we went trekking in Bolu region of Turkey. 3rd Summit took place in Suluklu Lake and we found ourselves in the middle of the jungle.

The program started with a delicious breakfast in a thermal hotel called Ihlas Kuzuluk Hotel where we also listened to the speech of our CEO, Unal Yuksel. He talked about how the company is doing in the industry and what we did about our goals that we determined on the Summit II.

As it seems we’ve been managed to achieve %80 of our goals. Our new aim is to protect and establish our current place in the industry.

  • Robustness

  • Stabilization

We talked about 3 stages of the company: “Startup – Growup – Establishment”

If we want to look at those more closely:

  • GOVINET is among the “Top 5 Turkish Market Leader”

  • GOVINET invested in Bumerang TV as a localization investment

  • GOVINET has developed Trinity as a SAAS in order to be the leader of the industry

  • GOVINET invested in music industry and launched a HipHop label called “M.O.B Entertainment”

  • GOVINET invested in entertainment hub and opened an office called “Üsküdar Productions”

  • GOVINET invested in dance and planning to organize a festival called CDC

All these operations have been started in the Growup stage and will continue through the Establishment stage.

After we had our breakfast, we left the hotel towards the lake and our trekking journey started.

First, we went directly to the lake and enjoyed the view. Then we walked through the forest until reaching the 2nd lake which is a little smaller than other. This one has no name the guide said and we decided to call it GOVILAKE 🙂 We took a small break there and some of us prefered to walk through the water trying to catch some fish!

Then the hardest part started: Trekking

We jumped to the jungle and fighted with the trees 🙂

Trekking lasted for 2 hours and we deserved to eat a good meal. We went to the restaurant and took our meals: fish, meat and chicken. At the end, we were tired but happy and we had a chat at the lovely restaurant in the woods. Then we got on the way again for going back to home.

We survived! And we are ready for new challenges that waiting for us!